The excitement of owning racehorses.

A maximum of twenty people in each syndicate allows each shareholder to be an important member of the select ownership team. Each shareholder will be kept up-to-date on the horses' progress and any relevant news :
- On website
- By E-mail
- Through contact with the syndicate managers

Stable visits

The trainers are chosen to suit each horse and they are conveniently situated on both sides of the channel. They welcome syndicate members on pre-arranged visits to the stables or to watch horses progress in their morning gallops.


On race days, each shareholders each receives a badge giving them access to the racecourse and paddock. Extra badges for family or friends can be issued on request. The syndicate managers are always present at race meetings. They will make every effort to ensure that a great day out is had by all.

All inclusive fee

There are no hidden costs. The one-off fee to become a member covers the acquisition, training racing expenses and insurance of the horses for a period of 2 years.

The manager team

Patrick Barbe
Helen Scorah
Manuela Tournier

The trainers

Tony Clout (Clonmel)
Simon Dow (Fantastic World)
Richard Gibson (Lovebird)
Alain Junk (Claire)
Henri-Alex Pantall (Salza)
Didier Prod'homme (Prosperous)